Scroll Bangle Large

Lono God of Peace

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Item# LNB97

Bangle 10mm Width × 3mm Thickness

#4.5 : 10.5cm+2.5cm(Open part)

#5 : 11.5cm+2.5cm(Open part)

#5.5 : 12.5cm+2.5cm(Open part)

#6 : 14cm+2.5cm(Open part)

#6.5 :  15.5cm+2.5cm(Open part)

#7 : 16.5cm+2.5cm(Open prat)

Sterling Silver 925


Wave is the symbol of "Eternal Happiness".
This bangle has beautiful Wave texture on both sides and Hand Engrave wave in the middle.
This item  is popular for surfers and believed in protecting you in the water.


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