LONO ~The God of Love and Peace~

Designed and made in the hopes that it brings the wearer peace and joy.


As one of the four great gods of ancient Hawaiian religion, LONO is the god of Love and Peace. Combining traditional Hawaiian jewelry with an urban street style, LONO jewelry is unique and modern. The beautiful engravings that adorn each piece are artfully handwrought by our local craftsmen. Each piece is imbued with symbolism and meaning and carries warm wishes for a peaceful and joyful life.




Our sales staff is dedicated to acquiring a deep knowledge of Hawaiian jewelry and will guide you through the process of selecting and are passionate about the commitment to unsurpassed quality and innovative designs. In addition to having a good understanding of the appropriate fit and attractive proportions, the sales staff can help decode the traditional meanings behind the Hawaiian design motifs. The order sheet that is sent to the design atelier is a valuable letter to the craftsman. Custom made jewelry is customized per instruction and honors the customer's wishes and celebrates the individuals' intentions.