Ten thousand designs to ten thousand people. Traditional designs custom made to order. Hawaiian jewelry is traditionally made to order by skillful craftsmen with an abundance of love and care. The intricate engravings showcase the artisan's skills. We shape your individualized treasures to your specifications.

There are as many designs as people with memories to share. With an array of materials and design variations, we ensure that we can develop jewelry with which you can fall in love.

You can choose the following:

◆ Style: Ring, Pendant, Bangle

◆ Material: Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Green Gold, Sterling Silver

◆ Details:  the engraved, color, thickness and width, inside inscriptions 

Custom ordered pieces take 3-5 business days to produce. Please stop by our store for a design consultation today!


These handcrafted pieces are works of art. After your order is placed Lono jewelry is made entirely in our local Atelier. From start to finish, all items are intricately produced by hand by our master craftsmen and imparted with the wish for a peaceful and joyful life.

The brilliance is born from the touch of hand. The LONO craftsmen inherited the skills and expertise of Hawaiian traditional to continue forming the jewelry with traditional methods. The depth of expression of the engravings are possible only trough the hand crafted process.